Current Projects

Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery


DELAER-RX3 Objective and goals The main goal of the DELAER research project objective is the design, development, manufacturing and flight testing of a prototype Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (UAS), which will provide direct support to Greek isolated territories and islands, via aerial delivery of lifesaving supplies and dedicated equipment. The system will be based on a large-scale, autonomous, fixed-wing, novel Blended Wing Body (BWB) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) configuration, as […]


Multirole Portable UAS The Multirole Portable UAS (MPU) is a three year project to develop and manufacture an innovative robotic Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for multiple purposes. The project consists of a multi-purpose hybrid Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV), and a portable ground station (PGS). It can provide its services in missions of mapping, photogrammetry, search […]


EURRICA The main goal of the EURRICA project is the synergetic evaluation of disruptive technologies on a novel Blended-Wing-Body medium-sized, fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platform. The BWB layout is selected as the base platform, due to reasons related primarily to its great aerodynamic efficiency and large internal volume. The research activities will focus on […]

Permanent Staff


Kyros Yakinthos

Professor, Laboratory Director
Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, CFD, Aeroengines


Anestis Kalfas

Associate Professor
Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery, Aeroengines, Gas Turbines, Measurement Technologies

Pericles Panagiotou

Assistant Professor
Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design, Unmanned Air Vehicles, Novel Configurations

Previous Laboratory Director


Apostolos Goulas

Professor emeritus,
Laboratory Director form 1985 – 2014
Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery, Experimental fluid Mechanics