Aeroengine Design Application

A software application, under the name AeroEngineS, for the automation of the design process of an aeroengine, is currently under...

Boundary Layer Ingestion Intakes

Boundary Layer Ingestion Intakes Designing aeroengines based on Boundary Layer Ingestion (BLI) shows promising potential for both increased...


Hemodynamics Research on the modelling of intraventricular hemodynamics based on 3D echocardiography is conducted. The main objectives studied...
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Biomimetics Biomimetics is an upcoming trend amongst aerodynamic designers, motivating several investigations into unusual aircraft body and...

Hybrid Engines

Hybrid Engines Electrification can arguably help ameliorate the overall performance as the biggest advantage of  Hybrid Electric...
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Innovative Heat Exchanger Concepts

Innovative Heat Exchanger Concepts Aiming for a constant improvement of the efficiency of aeroengines and a reduction of the gas pollutants...

Blended Wing Bodies

Blended Wing Bodies   Blended Wing Body (BWB) is a non-conventional aircraft concept that was initially proposed on earlier flying...
Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design & Performance

Aircraft Design & Performance    LFMT has developed an integrated in-house aircraft design pre-sizing tool. This tool contains all the...

Plasma Flow Control

Plasma actuators Plasma actuators are a type of actuator currently being developed for aerodynamic flow control. The working of these...

Noise Propagation

Noise Propagation

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