LFMT has large computational resources, since in 2003 invested in the development of programming expertise for High Performance Computing environments (High Performance Computing – HPC). The majority of CFD codes developed in LFMT are programs designed to run in parallel-array processors on computing units. The computational resources are for parallel processing are 3 computer clusters:
Computer cluster 22CPU, Apple X-Serve PowerPC G5 2.33GHz, in OSX 10.5. 5Tb capacity and total available memory 44Gb
Computer cluster 4 CPUs, Intel XEON 5420 quad core 2GHz. 2Tb capacity and total available memory 33Gb RAM
Computer cluster 16 CPUs Intel XEON 5649 6-core. Capacity. 10Tb and total available memory 196Gb RAM

The cluster 22 processor with OSX 10.5.8


LFMT is computationally autonomous even at DNS applications since the available clusters provide the ability to perform calculations demanding in memory and time.
Furthermore, LFMT has dual backup systems RAID capacity 10Tb many personal computers / PC for data processing and analysis of laboratory measurements.