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Cookies are small text files with information, which are installed and stored by the server of on your terminal device (computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop) during your browsing. Our website retrieves this information on each subsequent visit in order to offer you the relevant services. For example, with cookies, our website remembers your choices about language or display preferences for a period of time, so that you do not have to enter them each time. Also, cookies allow us to analyse how you use our website and identify any problems during your browsing. In addition, they allow us to display online advertisements tailored to your preferences and needs.



The installation and use of cookies is regulated by Law 3471/2006 (no.4 par.5), which incorporates the European Directive 2002/58/EC (ePrivacy), as amended by the European Directive 2009/136/EC. The ePrivacy Directive is expected to be replaced by a Regulation (ePrivacy Regulation), so changes to this Policy are expected.

In accordance with Article 4 par. 5 of Law 3471/2006, storing or gaining access to stored information on user terminal equipment is only permitted if the specific user has given his consent after clear and extensive information. An exception to the obligation to obtain consent is the case of storing and accessing to information whose sole purpose of “carrying out a transmission of communication via an electronic information network or is necessary for the provision of an information society service expressly requested by the user or subscriber”. In practice, consent is not required for cookies which are considered technically necessary to connect to the website or to provide the internet service requested by the user.

Consent is obtained in accordance with the definitions of EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), i.e. it requires an affirmative action (opt-in) by the user, as well as in accordance with the instructions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. It can be revoked at any time.

For this purpose, we provide you with the following detailed information:



On our website we use strictly necessary cookies and advertising cookies. The above- cookies are divided into:

  • Depending on the duration:


Session cookies are those that work while you are logged in and are automatically deleted once you close your browser.


Persistent cookies are those that are stored on your computer for a certain period of time and are deleted once the expiration date has passed, which can range from a few minutes to years.


  • Depending on the origin:


Pop-up (first party) cookies are those that are installed by our website and are only readable by it.

Third party cookies

Some third parties may install cookies on your device when you visit our website. These cookies collect data about your interaction with our website, which they may use to provide you with a personalised advertising experience.

Also, to provide you with more interesting content and to help you interact with your social media accounts, our website incorporates plugins (see more paragraph 4).

When a website displays content from external services (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) they also place their cookies on your device. In order to view third-party content, you must first accept the terms and conditions set by the external partners themselves, including Policies, which are beyond our control.


Necessary Cookies

These are the cookies necessary for the operation of the website. They store the information necessary to maintain your connection to the website and your preferences regarding the optional cookies. Your consent is not required for their use. If you set your browser to block the use of these cookies (see paragraph 6), the website or certain parts of the website may not function.












Used to remember the user’s choice when accepting the use of cookies from the website.


1 month





These cookies are used to display content that best suits you and your interests. Advertising cookies store technical data, such as your IP address, browser and device type. Their installation requires your consent.

















It monitors users’ preferences for its videos and determines which version is used.


6 months




It monitors the views of its embedded videos.















18 months




It provides information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising the end user may have seen before visiting that website.


1 year




It logins to youtube through the cookies passed in cookies.


13 months




Profiles the interests of website visitors to serve relevant and personalised ads through retargeting.


14 months




Targeting cookie. Used to profile the interests of website visitors and display relevant and personalised Youtube ads.


14 months




Targeting cookie. Used to create a user profile and display relevant and personalised Youtube Ads to the user.


12 months




Secure persistent cookie, typically associated with Youtube services.


12 months





Our laboratory uses social network plugins and specifically Twitter and LinkedIn. When you visit our website, the browser contacts with the server of the social media provider in order to load the plugin and display it. During this process, the social media provider receives information regarding the visit to our website, for example the IP address. LFMT has no control over the amount of data processed by the social networks through the plugins. Information relating to this matter can be found in the Privacy Policies of the social media providers. For your convenience, please see below:





Our Website uses the Google Maps service (API) to display geographical information. When you use the Google Maps service, Google collects and processes visitor data about your use of the maps function.

If, however, you visit a map via Google Maps while logged into a Google account, your browsing habits may be personalised. To avoid this, you must first log out of your Google account.

More information about Google Maps and how to protect your data when using it can be found here.




The use of cookies is supported by various browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera.

If you wish, you can set your browser so that it does not allow accepting them. In this case, of course, some services and functions may not work.

You can also delete the cookies that have been installed on your device by the  websites you have visited with that particular browser. In this case, some saved information (e.g. passwords) may be lost.

To delete or disable cookies, you can follow the following instructions per browser  type:



This Policy is part of the Privacy Policy. It is regularly revised to comply with the instructions of the supervisory authorities and the latest legislative and jurisprudential developments.


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