Description: Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C- ITS) are advanced information and telecommunication technologies for road transport. C- ITS improve the passenger and freight mobility offering services of traffic management, road user information, traffic congestion and accident detection; allowing a safer, more efficient and coordinated use of the road network, decreasing in parallel the fuel consumption and air pollution. The project’s target is the construction of an innovative Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) equipped with a C-ITS unit with purpose the observation and the traffic management as well as the road condition monitoring. The UAS prototype will cover a small part of the Egnatia Odos highway while the construction of a small fleet will make it possible to cover the complete highway network in Greece with low cost in comparison to building a new highway C- ITS infrastructure.

Objectives: The target of the project is the construction of an innovative traffic surveillance UAS. The UAS will manage traffic and inspect the road network state. The UAS will communicate directly with the vehicles within range when required.

HIT key role and responsibilities: CERTH-HIT is participating and supporting all work packages for the complete duration of the project. CERTH’s key role is in the development of the computer vision algorithm for vehicle detection and tracking, the traffic surveillance, the C-ITS communication system and the accomplishment of the pilot tests.

You can watch the DROMEAS UAV maiden flight HERE.

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