Laboratory Equipment

LFMT is equipped with all the appropriate measuring instruments to conduct laboratory experiments relating to measurements of speed, pressure and temperature in and around objects and devices that are installed in wind tunnels. More specifically, the LFMT has:
Wind tunnel closed return type.

The wind tunnel has two test sections with corresponding sections 0.6×0.6 and 1.0×1.0 sq.m. The wind tunnel is designed to deliver low turbulence rate (~ 1.5%) so as to allow for the flow measurements under conditions of transition from laminar to turbulent flow. The maximum speed in the small section is 40m / s.

Wind tunnel closed return type.
Wind tunnel open section type 0.3×0.3 sq.m. for conducting experiments on small airfoils and car models. The maximum wind speed is 35m / s.

wind wind2wind3

The small wind tunnel open return type
Wind tunnel open return type, suitable means for adjusting the low pressure turbine stage blades (rotor – stator) for performing measurements related to the investigation of the wake interaction on vanes disposed upstream – downstream spaced stator vanes / rotor and vice versa. The maximum wind speed is 10m / s and the maximum axial velocity of the blades is 6m / s. The wind tunnel is completely controlled by the PC

Wind tunnel measurements in the low pressure turbine stage
Open return type wind tunnel with maximum speed at minimum cross section (0.2×0.2 sq.m.)at 120m/s, suitable for conducting experiments concerning the investigation provisions nozzles in aviation engines. The construction of the wind tunnel was funded by MTU Aero Engines and the European Union under the European Research Programme.

Open type wind tunnel high speed
Currently a new wind tunnel is designed with standards that will relate to an extremely low level of turbulence for the study of the transition layer to turbulent boundary layers. The wind tunnel will have a mechanism cylinder linear drive in entrance area in order to study the waste body interaction – boundary layer transition on a flat plate.

Open type wind tunnel high speed
Open return wind tunnel for conducting measurements in special type heat exchangers with applications in aero-engines.

Measuring Equipment

Hot wire anemometers (single, double and triple) for measuring air speed, recording double and triple correlations instantaneous velocities for the investigation of complex flow conditions anisotropic turbulence.

Multi-hole probes

Five holes probes


Anemometer LDA (Laser Doppler Anemometry) two components for velocity measurement in air and water.
LFMT acquired modern system LDA three components for measuring speed in air and water. This equipment provides excellent possibilities in LFMT to conduct research in Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachines.

3D Anemometer Laser Doppler
Pitot-static for velocity measurement

All measuring instruments are associated with PC via digital sampling cards to collect a sufficient number of measurements