LEMCOTEC is a Collaborative Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013). Its key-objective is to reduce air-traffic emissions by improving the thermal efficiency of aero-engines.


The major technical subjects to be addressed by this project are:
Innovative compressors for the ultra-high pressure ratio cycles (OPR up to 70) and associated thermal management technologies
Combustor-turbine interaction for higher turbine efficiency and ultra-high OPR cycles
Low NOx combustion systems for UHPR cycles
Advanced structures to enable high OPR engines and integration with heat exchangers
Reduced cooling requirements and stiffer structures for turbomachinery efficiency
HP/IP compressor stability control
AUTH focuses on the optimization of the recuperator heat exchanger, regarding its thermal efficiency and pressure. AUTH investigates and quantifies also the 3D loss-effects generated by the installation of the heat exchangers in the hot nozzle. A new configuration for the hot nozzle is being derived in order to have minimum flow losses and a balanced mass flow distribution through the heat exchangers.

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