NEWAC is a European-level programme, under the leadership of MTU Aero Engines, in which major European engine manufacturers, assisted by universities, research institutes and enterprises  40 partners in all – focus on new core engine concepts. NEWAC will develop and validate novel core engine technologies to further close the gap between the current emissions and the ACARE targets. NEWAC is a 71 million Euro programme of which 40 million Euro is funded by the EC.
The main NEWAC result was fully validated novel technologies enabling a 6% reduction in CO2 emissions (Fig. 1) and a further 16% reduction in NOX (Fig. 2)


Four core concepts were investigated:

Intercooled Recuperative Core for the intercooled recuperative aero engine concept (IRA) operated at low OPR and using a LP combustor concept
Intercooled Core for a high OPR engine concept based on a 3 shaft direct drive turbo fan with a LDI combustor
Active Core with active systems applicable for a geared turbo fan using a PERM combustor
Flow Controlled Core for the counter rotating turbo fan using a PERM or a LDI combustor
The main target of AUTH was a CFD optimization procedure for the exhaust nozzle with the recuperator installed. AUTH developed a porosity model capable approximating the behavior of the heat exchanger. Implementation of the porosity model in 3-D CFD model led to robust and accurate results. For the validation, detailed experimental measurements in a 1:1 model of the quarter nozzle of the optimized IRA nozzle geometry were carried out and then compared against CFD computations for the optimized IRA nozzle geometry.