DREAM The DREAM (valiDation of Radical Engine Architecture systeMs) project, under the EU FP 7 Transport framework, focuses on novel aeroengine configurations, aiming at: Reducing CO2 emissions by 9% over and above VITAL/EEFAE TRL 4/5 (7% better than ACARE or 27% more than Year 2000 Engine). Reducing noise by 3dB per operation point versus the […]

Better Life with MgO

Better Life with MgO The Better Life with MgO project, under the EU LIFE15 ENV framework, focuses on the demonstration of a new dry desulfurization technology, utilizing magnesium oxide (MgO) as a sorbent for sulfur oxide (SOx) pollutants. Apart from demonstrating the feasibility of this method, the objectives of this project include: The utilization and […]


LEMCOTEC LEMCOTEC is a Collaborative Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013). Its key-objective is to reduce air-traffic emissions by improving the thermal efficiency of aero-engines.


HCUAV-RX1 The main project goal is the design and construction of a high-performance civil UAV, appropriately equipped, for long day and night surveillance/patrol operations across segments of Greek borders and over forests. The HCUAV is designed for missions primarily focused on: Broad area surveillance, on a 24h/7d basis patrol over segments of National borders. Forest […]


  ULTIMATE is a Collaborative Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation The ULTIMATE proposal addresses the topic breakthrough innovation for European aviation. The main objective of the project is ensuring sustainability of air transport while accommodating a growing market and environmental targets leads […]


NEWAC is a European-level programme, under the leadership of MTU Aero Engines, in which major European engine manufacturers, assisted by universities, research institutes and enterprises  40 partners in all - focus on new core engine concepts. NEWAC will develop and validate novel core engine technologies to further close the gap between the current emissions and [...]

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