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3rd Cycle of Studies

3rd Cycle of Studies (351) Advanced fluid mechanics Part I. Incompressible flow 1. Recapitulation of flow field description equations. 2. Perturbation theory and transition from laminar to turbulent flow. 3. Derivation and solution of the Orr-Somerfeld equations. 4. Modelling of transition. 5. Transitional flows on flat plates, airfoils and aircraft wings. 6. Fully turbulent flows. [...]

2nd Cycle of Studies

2nd Cycle of Studies (205) Aerodynamics 1. Characteristic parameters of airfoil aerodynamics. Airfoil and wing geometry parameters. Aerodynamic forces and moments. 2. 2-D incompressible flow on airfoils. Circulation and lift generation. Thin airfoil theory and analytical solutions. High lift airfoils. High lift devices (flaps and slats). 3. Incompressible flow on finite-span wings. Velocity and pressure [...]

1st Cycle of Studies

1st Cycle of Studies (118) Fluid Mechanics Introduction to fluids and their general properties. Hydrostatic pressure, forces due to it. Description of a flow field: equations of continuity, Euler equations, Bernoulli equation, measurement of flow rate, static and total pressure. Conservation of momentum, applications. Similarity, non dimensional numbers, Buckingham's Π-theory. Navier-Stokes equations, analytical solutions. 2-D, [...]